Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Yeh...so i realise that i post this on Boxing Day, but hey...the thought was there! I'm discovering that Christmas is starting to lose its appeal slightly. Although i had a moderately pleasant day yesterday, it was spent with my parents and my Grandad mainly cooking, eating, washing up and watching tv! Ah for the days of kiddy excitement (i guess this is what comes of gettin into your late 20's and having no family of your own to keep entertained!...awwww...poor, single Ruth i hear you cry...bring on the sympathy vote!!)

But what of the meaning of Christmas for me?? It's gotta be about promises. Jesus is a God promise - kept. A promise of salvation, of presence, of guidance...of all those things and more, revealed in the humility of a baby. I love it! I love the being almost forced into being sociable with people, an excuse to party hard, to make contact with those forgotten for the rest of the year!

Anyway...still on a plan to have shorter entries! So...Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year!

R xx

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AndyB said...

Happy Christmas Ruth, and a Happy New Year too.

I know what you mean about Christmas losing it's appeal... Christmas Day I was joined by my mum, brother and grandma, and it too consisted of cooking, eating, washing up and watching TV.

Having reached my early thirties and still being single, I completely understand. You definitely have my sympathy vote... lol and you can have my phonenumber too, if you want it ;)

Christmas Eve at church makes up for it though... candle-lit communion, the hope of salvation and the goose-pimples of belting out "Oh Come all Ye Faithful" :D