Saturday, September 15, 2007

I know I know...I'm terrible! I'll blog fully when I'm installed at Cambridge! I promise!!

R xx

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Anonymous said...

Change is a challenge in its self and whilst some people find alone time peacefull it is quite different when its not really by choice.
Being alone when your used to being around others will be tought however I feel this will not last as long as you expect it to!
Sometimes it just takes a situation to hight how lucky you have been, and once your lesson is learnt they will put you back and your experience will prove useful to someone they are bringing into your circle of friends.
Everything happens for a reason :)
Purple bike . . .very spiritual colour - you need to get yellows & blue colours around you. Colour therapy & the vibration of colour is a whole other topic!!
(PS - 3 weeks things will have changed)