Wednesday, December 12, 2007

old gifts... new song

I think that this year has brought me closer into understanding Advent than any year previous. I wonder if that's partly because I've had to 'do' Christmas that much earlier this year. Even before the 1st December I'd been to an Advent service and Christmas meal, and a carol service (the joys of the Cambridge short terms)!I think I'll write a little more about the character that I've been focussed most on after I've preached about her on the 23rd (someone remind me I've said this!).

But I have discovered something else this last week. I had 2 conversations, with 2 completely different people on 2 different days, but both prompted me to remember that I am, singer and performer, and a passionate one at that. A while back I feared, and I guess accepted that my music was likely to be put on the back burner as I pursued my ministry in other areas, but having had these conversations, I knew that I had to do something about the fact that I so sorely miss this part of who I am. Having thought on this, I had the dreaded realisation that no longer did I want to sing other people's songs, not that I don't love them or respect them, but rather that they are already sung, and it was a new song that I needed to sing.

So...with a great deal of nervous prayer, yet sure of the Spirit's motivation in me, I sat down to write. I have never had a great deal of confidence in my songwriting abilities - mainly as all previous attempts have been...well...crap! However, I think now there is something different, and although I recognise that I am no songsmith, and this is hardly out of the ordinary, this is mine, and...well...I'll let you be the judges!

1. Take me to Your heart, and let me see what is within

Show me what it is to live Your love

Walk me through the dreams You have for this world and the next

Let me see who we were made to be


Show me love, show me grace

That I might be Your prophet in this place

Take my hand, let me walk with You

Lead me, Father, use me, Lord

2. Take me to the place, where Your heart was sacrificed

Show me what it meant to give Your child

Walk me down the path He walked, the path of my salvation

Let me see perfection's life in me

3. Take me to the people that call out with life's despair

Show me what it is to call them friend

Walk me down their streets and give a humble heart, O Lord

Let me see Your Kingdom come through me


Help me offer Heaven's door

Let me offer Heaven's open door

Ruth Horton © 2007


R x


Ron W. said...

I'm something of a wordsmith, so allow me to demonstrate my skills: Wow!

Yeah, that about covers it.

Well done sis.


Jo said...

I love the song ruth! it captures so much! xx

Anonymous said...

Hey Ruth, great to catch up on what you are up to.

Are you still updating this...? Please do....