Saturday, September 16, 2006

Why music?

Now i'm not asking why, theologically we make music in a general sense, as that may be simply explained by the fact that we are made in the image of God, and because He is creative, therefore we are too. Music is a creative gift given to us by our creative Father. So the first question I'm asking really is, why music in particular? Why is music so important to God, why has it been so integral to the worship of God's people, seemingly from the beginning of time? The first mention of music in scripture is in Genesis 4:21 where there is mention of Jubal, 'the father of all who play the flute and harp'. And then, in Genesis 15 we read the first song, that of the Moses and the freed Israelites. They sing their praises to God, recounting His faithfulness to them in their escape from Egypt.

The Psalms tell us repeatedly, (5 times in 5 different psalms) to sing a new song to God, even Isaiah picks up this phrase about singing a new song. Now, although dancing is described and maybe even encouraged, there is no other creative gift that we are told to use in such abundance as making music. Music is used in so many different ways throughout the Bible; to praise God, to soothe Saul, there was music as the Lord spoke to Elisha...and loads more that I can't even think on at the moment! So why is it that music has accompanied God's people, God's work? Why is it that we have concentrated on music as opposed to art or another creative gift? Is it just better than having silence maybe?

Maybe is it simply that we sing God's praises as something that is communally creative? Is there a freedom in that sense, that singing is simply that creative thing that we can all join in with, as opposed to just watching, or feeling inadequate to join in anything else. After all we can get lost in a crowd of singing, in theory it's something we can all do, whether we claim it's in tune or not! But is there something more divine about the use of music? Is there something more to music than meets the ear???

Hmm....think that's going to be my next entry! Is there more to music than meets the ear?!? Let me know what you think!

R x

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