Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Starting to come together!

So, i've started to get some ideas together for my research at last! Am still quite scared that I'm not intelligent enough to undertake research, but...with God's help etc etc!

The vague chapter topics (at the moment) are something along these lines!

  • Music in nature (music of the spheres / Shakespeare)
  • Music as communication – works both ways
  • God’s music – biblical, creator / composer God
  • Man’s music, faithful performer / faithful interpreter (music and sex - don't sing about God anymore, so sing about sex - replacing one ecstasy experience with another????)
  • Universality of music - why is it that music is always linked to spirituality, around the world?
These may not make a lot of sense at the moment, I'm not sure that I even know what they mean, but I intend to find out!! I had a long debate with Pete (supervisor) yesterday about whether God sings! The only biblical reference we could find was Zeph 3:17..."He will rejoice over you with singing". However, on closer inspection, the Hebrew doesn't necessarily translate as singing, ah well! So if anyone has any ideas about the concept of God singing, or even making music, please let me know! At the moment, the sentence I'm clinging to, to prove or disprove is...
If God created music is He merely the composer – we are the performers/interpreters – therefore we are the distorters or faithful conveyers of the message?"
It seems that God has created the ability for His creation to sing, or make music, and therefore, all creative ability stems from Him, therefore, is it justifiable to claim just this, that God is the composer, and that anything we 'compose' is merely an interpreter of that which He has already written!?!?

Hazy I know, please let me know what you think guys, and if you know any Christian musicians, especially writers / composers, please send them a link to this, I'd love to hear their opinion on this!

R x


James Church said...

The only other reference to God singing that I can think of is Job 35:10 but Jesus sung hymns with His disciples (Matthew 26:30) and Paul considered Jesus to be the singing Saviour- Romans 15:9 drawing on Psalm 18:49 (Jesus evangelises the nations with His song).

It is interesting that Tolkien describes the creation and fall of the world as happening through song in the Silmarillion (I know... its sad that I know that!).

James Church said...

Amazon has a book you might be interested in: With One Voice: Discovering Christ's Song in Our Worship by Reggie M Kidd.

Ruthy Roo said...

Thanks James...i'll check it out! The Job 35:10 is interesting, as it's another translation issue...similar to the Zeph verse, it's possible to translate it as singing but also just speaking or shouting! Mr Firth has given me something to check out all references to's one of my first tasks! I'll let you know!

Also thanks for the Silmarillion info...i'll be checking that out!