Monday, May 14, 2007

2 months have passed....
Sorry! It's been a manic time with only a little research getting done, but at least I'm feeling a little more on the way with it all!

Part of my extra busyness has been due to a last minute call to go and do a workshop for the Heart of Worship Conference organsied by the Methodist Church in Llandudno last weekend. Wonderful thinks I...until I realise that it's the morning after a best friend's hen party in Liverpool! So my story is probably more about that than the conference and what a blessed time that was!

This friend is an old housemate from a time when I would drink and party a fair bit! She is not by any means a shy girl, and neither are many of her other friends. So...the party games ensued. This first of which was to tie a pink balloon round our wrists with a not remove! Sat down after a late afternoon meal, one of the Hen's balloons is popped...revealing it's contents....a dare, which she promptly completed. by one we pop our balloons and do the dare...or solemnly swear to do later that night. The dares get more and more daring...some verging on the obscene, so I begin to pray! Please! I don't want to compromise my Christian witness by either doing something inappropriate, or by refusing to join in and be a party pooper! Ruth! I hear their's your turn! I duly sit on my balloon and pull out the dare. I read and laugh..."Sing the chorus to 'I will survive'." gratitude and praises must have been heard right across heaven!

See...God doesn't call us to be nowhere near the grimy and sometimes slimy world...He calls us right into it, but at the same time, He calls us to not be a part of it...and clearly He rescues those who call on His name! What a faithful God have I?! Fantastic!

R x