Wednesday, June 28, 2006

As my lovely Supervisor has given me a heads up on his blog, I think it's only fitting for me to do the same for him! Pete Phillips is the New Testament Tutor and Dean of students at Cliff College, I also teach two of his kids for music theory. Just waiting for the results of a grade 5 theory exam at the moment in fact! I'm not sure who's more nervous, me or him, as it's the first time i've ever entered a pupil for ABRSM exams under my own name rather than a music centre!


Lou Davis said...

Hi Ruth, I found you via Pete's link. The blog looks good so far :)

I'll make sure you get a link from the new cliff postgraduate site too.


Phil Smith said...

Hey Ruth, welcome to the blogosphere! Hope you're well and good look with the MPhil