Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Had an interesting thought provoked by a wonderful friend of mine (you know the sort that you sort of wonder how on earth they got so intuitive...especially when they're at least 4 years your junior!!). I played and sang at an open mic night at college this evening, was very informal, and maybe only 20 people there, but I just did 'Summertime'...nothing too special about that. this friend witnessed...I felt so much more relaxed and comfortable doing this than I seem to when playing worship songs.

Maybe there is something in this, maybe it's reading too much into things, but tonight I could close my eyes and sing and play...and it really didn't matter what happened, I was in my own little world. Now to me, really that's how I'd love my worship to be, in my own little world, with only me and God, but as I wrote last night, it just doesn't happen that way it seems!

Said friend pointed out that this was interesting! I honestly feel that I can worship God as well...if not better by singing something I know and love so well and being able to explore that using the gifts that God has given me, in a style that I truly love. Why does worship have to include words about God? Surely worship is as much about appreciating what he has given...and I think that as much as I play, I know that I would not be able to do so if it were not for my Father's generosity in His abundant blessings to me, therefore, all my music making is worship, as it is all for His glory.

I just wish I was a better pianist!

Ruth x

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Moobles said...

Roo - fascinating blog.....fascinating research too. Hmm, is something I've thought about when leading worship (rare occasions only!) cos I am so so critical of my playing and can't seem to get into the 'little world with God' as you put it. If you ever find out how, do let me know!

I will return - so keep posting!

Love ya x