Thursday, July 06, 2006

Hi people,
completely unrelated blog entry... but... how frustrating is it when you get to your late twenties and realise that you've never really done anything exciting!!?? I'm a fairly predictable person for the most part, i hate it, but i'm predictable! I have the opportunity to go to Hong Kong to see a good friend who works with Jackie Pullinger, experience the worship and rehabilitation community there and be in a place where God works miracles all the time and they are not covered
up, hidden or just not talked about but are shared and rejoiced in... and instead of worrying about the cost...i just want to go. I
just received a tax rebate for roughly the amount that the flight would be. I have no job (though not for want of trying!), nothing to keep me here, my dear mother keeps reminding me, once that money's gone, I have nothing more to live off! Nothing to pay my phone bill, my car insurance, my was so much easier when I had a wage!!!!

This is probably the first time I've ever worried about money, I've always known that God will provide, but now I just think that it's about time that I stopped letting Him do all the hard work and began to do some for myself. And I guess that if God wants me to go to Hong Kong...then I will get there somehow...if not...well then I'll just have to lump it!!

So if anyone has any great ideas about where I can get about £600 for my trip to Hong Kong, and then the next £7000 to pay for my MPhil...please let me know!!!

A financially frustrated Ruth xXx


AndyB said...


I know what you mean... I'm in my early thirties and still feel like I haven't done anyhting that exciting. Of course I've got a mortgage and have been 'stuck' in the same job for years, so the inertia is building up.
So... you should totally go to Hong Kong while you have the opportunity.

I'm sure you know all the usual fund-raising things like a sponsor-me-to-go-to-hong-kong-concert etc. other than that perhaps a rich boyfriend !?!

PS - Enjoyed joining the scratch choir at the cliff festival. Found your blog from my good-friend lou davis.

God Bless,

Jo said...

Hun, I think you shud go. God will provide the money. Its relevant to your MPhil, it wud be an amazing experience and a one in a lifetime opportunity. Again God will provide the money! Love you, keep going and the jigsaw pieces will come together. Pray with faith and God will reveal his plan xxx

James said...

Hi Ruth,

I think its too easy to simply say God will provide the money but at the same time if you don't take the opportunities your life will be 'predictable'. I wonder whether we all spend too much time analyzing the pros and cons to ever really be exciting. Well thats a dismal note to end on... hang on sorry 'just go for it!'.